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Can I Perform DIY Electrical Work?

Are you thinking about tinkering around with your electrical wiring or fuse? Sparc Electrical has one very important piece of advice for you: Never perform unlicensed electrical work! Working on your electrical system without having professional training or taking the proper safety measures is not only extremely dangerously but also seriously irresponsible. All electrical systems

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All About the New QLD Smoke Alarm Laws

Smoke alarm legislation for homes in Queensland is extremely confusing with different legislation and standards. If you’re unaware, the state government has introduced new laws that affect every homeowner, including landlords, in Queensland. In this article, Sparc Electrical has outlined the key facts you need to know and what you need to do to remain

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Common Winter Home Electrical Issues

Winter is officially here and it’s getting colder. At this time, you’ll be using more electricity than the hotter months using lights, appliances, and heating so there’s a good chance you’ll have some electrical issues. Whether poor wiring, damaged appliances, or something else, electrical problems can occur at any time. However, most problems can be

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7 Essential Steps to Take During a Power Outage

Experiencing a power outage can be an exasperating situation, particularly when you had plans to do your laundry, vacuum your home, or enjoy a relaxing hot shower. The uncertainty surrounding the duration of the outage and whether it was planned or unexpected can add to the frustration. However, there are several important steps you can

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